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New Year, New Project

1990 Sunline T-3450

On the morning of January 2nd, we were not expecting to buy another camper. You see, we already have a lot at Lake Royale with a camper on it. Sure, Barbie and I had discussed buying another camper to setup in Cullowhee as a way to reduce our living expenses while she attends college at WCU. However, the plan was to find something in April or May so we would only have a couple months left on our lease at that time.

When Barbie found a 34-foot six-inch bumper pull 1990 Sunline T-3450 listed for just $1,000, she convinced me we should drive to Candler and look at it. The trailer frame alone was worth that much even if the camper was stripped off of it. To our surprise, we found a camper that seemed to be in good shape for it’s age – and we bought ourselves a new project.

Thankfully, my sister was willing to let us store and repair the camper on her property until the end of our current lease. For now, we will be spending each weekend working on repairing, upgrading, and remodeling this camper to be our new tiny house.

Here at Triangle Tiny House, we take a broad definition of tiny houses as inspired by the Meetup group by the same name in the Triangle region of NC. Within that group, you will find people with custom-built tiny houses on wheels – just like the ones you see on TV or in the news. However, there are many more tiny house enthusiasts that have chosen to renovate campers and RVs. There are tiny house people living in intentional communities, co-housing, or simple roommate arrangements. The key that binds all of us together is the intentional use of the space we call home. we are united by a desire to live a more sustainable and minimalist lifestyle with an abundance of freedom.

To that end, we will be renovating this 276 sqft camper to become our dorm room on wheels while Barbie is in college. After she graduates, our plan is to move this trailer to Lake Royale and attach it to a screened deck which will serve as our outdoor living area. Combined, this will give us about 550 sqft living space and make a nice tiny house by the lake.

Rather than simply take on this renovation project alone, we’re taking you along for the journey. We will be sharing our design ideas, before & after photos, and musings about minimalism, sustainability, and freedom. Stick around to see how this project and website develop in the coming weeks and months.

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