Who Can Build A Tiny House?

you can build a tiny house

It is YOU Who Can Build a Tiny House

You’ve done your research and are finally ready to take the plunge. You’ve either always been a minimalist inside or you are just really bored with mainstream housing and its cost. For some it seems far fetched or even an unobtainable dream. Discovering that it is you who can build a tiny house is the most empowering part of this exciting excursion toward a new way of life. You are also not going at it alone. There are many communities for tiny house living, both online and in real life. These communities come together to help and encourage. From frequently asked questions to direct recommendations – tiny house communities are an essential resource as you get started on building your tiny house.

Where to Begin

With all the “do it yourself” tools on the internet it’s incredibly tempting to go at yourself nail and hammer. I recommend input and guidance if this is the path you choose. Don’t forget, there is DIY information from companies like Tumbleweed. These are for people with less carpentry and architecture experience. If you fall into these categories or not it is absolutely possible to build a tiny house yourself while a professional oversaw the project. Everyone has to start somewhere, and tiny is a totally viable way to do so.

Team up!

Here’s where your tiny house community comes into play. After attending a few tiny house meetups, seek out veteran builders. They will be have knowledge of the great do’s and don’ts of the trade. With the added encouragement and possibly more hands to make for light work- your tiny house will be underway in no time. Once you have your tiny house project moving forward, don’t hesitate to reach out and help another newbie. It’s important to be an active member of the tiny house community. In order for the tiny/small house movement to make head-way cooperation is vital.

The logistics

Ah, the fun stuff. Before you have your lumber dropped off in your front yard seek out the building codes in your area. This is among the most important part of figuring out if you can build a tiny house. Don’t be so bold to think you can pull the wool over the cities eyes by saying it’s a camper or that it being on wheels makes you immune to zoning rules-this is not the case. Stay educated on your district’s laws to remain one step ahead. Remember if they want to stop you, they will.

You’ve got this

With the professionals by your side, the community’s support, and city council approves your build, you are all set to prove and define who can build a tiny house. There is a lot of pre-work that goes into this project, but once you’ve done it you’re in the clear. Don’t hesitate to refer to TriangleTinyHouse.com for advice and resources.

Frank C Jones

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