Go Tiny, or Go Home – Why build a tiny house?

Thinking about building a tiny house

Challenging status quo

In a time that believes bigger is better- tiny houses have come to challenge this idea. Understanding the versatility and cost saving opportunity building a tiny house provides, its clearly a decision that suits more than just architects and hipsters. Though concerns arise over community housing regulations being violated, there are several loopholes to consider. Soon you will be buying your raw material to build or signing with a contractor, either way the trend of tiny houses is in full affect. Whether it’s to ditch the mortgage, live a nomadic life, or simply downsize- here are a few reasons why to build a tiny house.

Road less traveled

The tiny house movement also known as the small house movement, was more than just an architectural experiment but a social shift towards promoting environmentally conscious living, reducing the desire for “stuff” through life simplification, and to increase self-sufficiency-these are among a few reason as to why build a tiny house. Some choose to live life adventurously by adding wheels. When on wheels, a tiny house can go most places. 2 out of 5 tiny house owners are retirees who have skipped spending their life savings to move to a beach house in Florida and shacked up unconventionally to remain mobile and save money.

Save a tree or 2,000

Livin large can happen under 400 square feet. The average house is about 2,500 square feet requiring almost eight logging trucks of lumber to be built. A tiny house requires half that amount of lumber or less. Considering about 35% of solid waste stream is construction related, the tinier the home the lesser the carbon footprint, the happier the planet. Electricity, cooling, and heating are also major factors that increase CO2 emissions. It requires 45 light bulbs to light the average house while a tiny home needs only 6. There is an overall difference of about 22,000 pounds of Co2/year saved when living in a tiny house. If you want MORE, think more clean air, more safe water, more green trees.

Tiny house, BIG livin

For many, homeownership is a huge desirable goal. Since 2006 this has become nearly unobtainable for most. Building a tiny house does require capital, depending on what accommodations, feature, and amenities you desire the cost can range from $10,000 to $80,000. Entirely customized, some do go all out while building a tiny house. Downsizing does not mean you must give up your eclectic style or flare, you just take up less space when doing so!

Go tiny or Go home…

or both. When you consider why to build a tiny house you will discover very few “why not’s”. The freedom to move, the empowerment of ownership and mobility, playing a huge role in protecting the environment, and saving money are enough reasons to convince most. These are only the very beginning of how exciting and fulfilling having a tiny house can be.

Frank C Jones

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